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300KG Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Lifter 0.3 Ton Lifting Magnet Hoist UK

300KG Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Lifter 0.3 Ton Lifting Magnet Hoist UK

300KG Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Lifter 0.3 Ton Lifting Magnet Hoist UK   300KG Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Lifter 0.3 Ton Lifting Magnet Hoist UK

Neodymium magnets (NdFeB) are the most powerful permanent magnets in the world and are composed predominantly of neodymium, boron and iron. The strength and affordability are the two characteristics that make them the most widely used magnets and generate a pull force of over to 850 times its own weight.

This means a neodymium magnet weighing 3 grams can generate over 2,500g of pull force, much higher than its previous counterpart. Since the discovery of these rare earth magnets, technological innovation has lead to an increase in demand with manufacturers producing an astonishing 50,000 tonnes every single year. Here at Magnet Store Limited, we are an ambitious family business supplying the highest grade neodymium materials used for domestic and commercial use alike. We are proud to work with only the most trusted and certified manufacturers, so whatever the nature of your project you can be sure to rely on us.

If you require a magnet in a specific size or shape that isn't in stock dont go anywhere! We can supply any shape / size magnets.

Thank you for your visit and we hope you find what youre looking for. Can a magnet adversely affect my smartphone?

Many experts claim small to medium sized magnets does not have any unwanted effects on your smartphone or tablets. Most of devices, especially smart phones and computers, have small magnets inside of them to perform specific functions.

However, since large magnets have such a strong magnetic field it is advised to keep them away from your devices. Various types of permanent magnets are made in different ways, but each includes a process of casting, pressing, sintering, compression bonding, injection molding, extrusion and calendaring to ensure quality and strength of every individual magnet. How do these magnets work? There are many explanations to this question, but one of the most profound ones relate to the magnets atomic structure. All ferromagnetic materials produce a magnetic field which is very weak. This is generated by the electrons which surround the nuclei of its atoms.

These group of atoms are oriented in the same direction and each of these groups are known as a single magnetic domain. Is it possible to block/shield magnetic fields? The magnetic fields penetrate through plastics, aluminum, wood, and even lead just as if it were not there. Metals that are ferrous, such as iron, nickel or steel can help conduct magnetic fields and magnetism.

All magnetic fields search for the shortest route from north to south and a piece of steel can provide a link that makes the journey from north to south far much easier to flow than through the air. How possible is it to increase the strength of my magnet? Once a magnet is completely magnetized, one cannot make it any more powerful since it is already completely saturated. Adding one magnet to another, such as stacking them, would mean the stacked magnets work as a large magnet and exercise a stronger magnetic power. However, individual magnets cannot be enhanced further. How durable are neodymium magnets? Permanent magnets are known to retain their magnetism for many years when maintained and used in optimal working conditions. For example, it is estimated that a neodymium magnet loses 5% of its magnetism for every 100 years. However, neodymium magnets are known for being very fragile, so it is always a safe bet to avoid clashing magnets together as they may chip. Please note deliveries may experience slight delays during peak times of the year. A package may be undelivered due to several reasons: The address provided may be incorrect please double-check the details when placing your order. You will be notified by the courier of the location. If you are expecting a parcel please ensure you have contacted your local depot to check that the item is not waiting there. Local depot if after several days you have not picked up your package or notified your local depot, your package will be sent back to us. Damaged in transit our couriers will not attempt to deliver a damaged package, it will be sent right back to us. We will notify you and send out a replacement immediately. None of the above information or conditions affects your statutory rights as a consumer when goods are supplied faulty, or not as described. Important Notice - Returning Strong Magnets. We package strong magnets so there is a large gap from the magnet which prevents the parcel from sticking to metal surfaces during transit. We're happy to help. Not found the information youre looking for? We pride ourselves in delivering a leading level of care with every customer journey. If you have any inquiries, require product advice or you simply would like to place an order, then please get in touch and our friendly team will be able to help. We offer tickets as part of a resort promotion. To qualify for this offer and receive your discounted tickets, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and attend a no-obligation resort presentation in the Orlando area sometime during your stay. The presentation is typically 90 to 120 minutes and includes a free breakfast buffet, followed by a fun and informative tour of our resort partner's property and amenities.

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300KG Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Lifter 0.3 Ton Lifting Magnet Hoist UK   300KG Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Lifter 0.3 Ton Lifting Magnet Hoist UK